About Department

The Department has started the B.tech program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering(EEE)from the year 2008 and diploma program from 2013.The program aims at producing engineers with sound knowledge in Electrical and a strong background in Electronics.

The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has gained rapid importance in view of increasing demand of power and strives to be center of excellence in education,training and research producing high quality engineers and researchers. In this endeavor the department will continously develop knowledge and quality of staff,upgrade and create program, new laboratory facilities,revise the teaching program acquire adequate acquipment to keep abreast, contribute and progress in emerging technologies and committed for rendering the best service to the society.

The department has well qualified, experienced & dynamic faculty along with experienced & skilled technical supporting staff who spearhead the process of achieving the vision of the department.


K. Narendra Babu, VITW
Head of the Department
Department of EEE
Phone: 8985280851
E-mail: [email protected]