Workshops Conducted by CSE Department(2018-2019)

S.No Name of Workshop Dates Name of Institution/Organization Name of Resource Person
1. Python Programming 25-04-2018 To 09-05-2018 APSSDC APSSDC
2. Soft Skills 10-12-2018 To 28-02-2019 APSSDC APSSDC

Faculty Participation in FDP's(2018-2019)

S.No Name of the Faculty Title of the Program Place Duration
1. Dr. B. Sukumar Babu Programming in JAVA NPTEL 1.5 weeks
2. Dr. B. Sukumar Babu FLAT NPTEL 1.5 weeks
3. Mrs. A.C.P Ranjani Big Data NPTEL 1.5 weeks
4. Mrs.J. Hymavathi DBMS NPTEL 1 week
5. Ms. P. Sarala Joy Of Computing Using Python NPTEL 1.5 weeks
6. Mr. R. Nagendra Babu FLAT NPTEL 1.5 weeks
7. Mr. S. Gopi DBMS NPTEL 1 week
8. Mr. P. Tejesh Programming In JAVA NPTEL 1.5 weeks
9. Mr. P. Tejesh Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence NPTEL 1.5 weeks
10. Mrs. M. Sreemalli Compiler Design NPTEL 1.5 weeks
11. Ms. R. Lakshmi Durga Joy Of Computing Using Python NPTEL 1.5 weeks
12. Ms T. Shalini Real Time Operating System NPTEL 1.5 weeks